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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Who does your shirts and what is different about the process?
    We do our own shirt at our plant in North Charleston. We are 100% responsible for quality. We do not scrub the cuffs and collars, instead they are soaked for 12 to 24 hours. The result is shirts that are truly clean and last twice as long or longer, no premature fraying of the fabric caused by excessive rubbing and scrubbing.

  • What is wet cleaning?
    Wet cleaning is the most people and earth friendly process designed to process garments labeled "Dry Clean Only".

  • What does the label "Dry Clean Only " mean anyways?
    "Dry Clean Only" is to be translated "Professional Care Only". Garments with these labels could easily be destroyed if laundered at home. "Dry Clean Only" does not describe one specific process since there are about a dozen different processes used to process these garments. Of all the processes currently in use, "wet cleaning" is the most environmentally friendly since there are no harmful chemicals used in the process and water usage is minimal.

  • What is the range of the alterations services you provide?
    If it has a stitch, and it fits on our machine or can be hand sewn, we do it. We strive for original quality, and sometimes better. Brides and brides maids love the quality of our work. Men also love the way we make their suits look as if they were custom made. Tapering casual shirts for a more fitted look, re-attaching jeans original hems are also popular services. We handle military patches and resizing of military uniforms. Your Vera Wang gown needs altered, we can help, your Armani or other suit needs tailored, no problem, your Coach hand bag needs the zipper repaired, bring it to us... you made a higher rank, let's patch you up :), we are at our service.

  • How does the pillow restoration process work?
    The feathers or down is placed in our UV sterilizing machine that kills 99% of germs. Dust mites fall out of the feathers/down during the cleaning process. The old pillow cover(ticking) is discarded and the cleaned feathers are installed into a new 100% feather and down proof cover(ticking).

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